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The ENERGISING MASK is a face mask with a gel texture which « revives skin cells ».

Brings vitality and energy to the skin.

Content : 50ml tube

Principal Active Ingredients:

  • VITAMIN COMPLEX A, C, E : Vitamins are genuine “food for the skin”, they correct deficiencies in the epidermis and boost physiological mechanisms.

    Vitamin A : essential for the cellular renewal, mainly required for cell differentiation and regeneration.

    Vitamin C : stimulates the cellular metabolism and brightens the complexion.
    It is a powerful antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals, mainly responsible for premature ageing.

    Vitamin E : an antioxidant which protects cell membranes against the destructive action of free radicals.

  • TRACE ELEMENTS (copper, zinc, magnesium)


  • PLANKTON (Artemia Salina) : Revitalizing cellular energizer.


Once or twice a week according to skin needs.

Apply to the whole face and neck perfectly cleansed, avoiding the eye contour.

Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse with water. Perfect the elimination with ENERGISING LOTION soaked cotton pads.


The epidermis is « full of life ».

The complexion is radiant and protected from the bad effects of pollution.

Key Arguments:

  • All ages, all skin types.
  • Dull, tired, and devitalized complexions.
  • The complexion is radiant and shiny.
  • All the benefit of vitamins combined to the anti-pollution action of the Captozone complex.
  • « Bath » of trace elements.

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